Why Multi Welindo

One Day Service Support

To support our pile-fabrication clients, we not only supply their machinery and the supporting equipment, we also offer spare parts and service support. We fully understand that even one day of downtime can lead to major losses for our clients. So, for this reason, we are ready with a skilled team of technicians and a stock of spare parts that can be dispatched at any time to our valued clients. We strive to provide a same-day service: you call today, our technicians come today.

High Capacity Factory

Our joint plate factory is located in the Dadap area. Using locally sourced raw material, we make custom orders for joint plates to match different sizes and numbers of holes, and we keep our stock fresh to avoid issues with rust. Meanwhile, with our computerized technology, we can provide a large production capacity, which, with our high-quality materials and high-precision production process, means we can reach an output of about 5,000 pieces per day.

“Our high-capacity and high-quality joint plate production service will fulfill the needs of our clients for customized joint plates along with speedy delivery”


We have several warehouses in the Dadap area where we store the machinery and spare parts to support our precast factory clients.

Human Resource

PT Multi Welindo is managed and run by professionals who are the best in the business. We strive to deliver only the highest quality in terms of both products and services. In addition to our experienced management team based out of our headquarters, we have a team of technicians who are experienced and trained to handle quickly any technical problems our customers may face.