About Us

Having been in the business of manufacturing joint plate spun piles and importing machinery to equip precast factories since 1982, PT Multi Welindo can lay claim to being the biggest and the first joint plate spun pile manufacturer in Indonesia. Over more than three decades of operation, we have built up extensive experience and knowledge, which have resulted in us being the trusted supplier of high-quality and cost-effective joint plate spun piles and machinery for precast pile manufacturer for both private companies and government organizations. These have included major players in the industry such as Waskita Beton, Adhi Persada Beton, Jaya Beton, PP, Hume Sakti Indonesia,Wijaya Karya Beton, and many more.


To maintain our position as the leadingjoint plate spun pile manufacturer in Indonesia,as well as the leader in supplying machinery for precast pile factories, and, at the same time, expanding ouroperations and developing our export business.


To help Indonesia as a country through providing high-quality spun pile production and other services, which, in turn, support the development of quality high-rise buildingsand other infrastructure projects.